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As a service to our members, we offer auto-tithing.  When you sign up for auto-tithing, your contributions are automatically transferred to our account.  No more writing checks or trying to keep track of your contributions.  Click below for an application which you can simply place in the collection basket, give to Dc. Joe, or mail to the church, Immaculate Conception, 305 E Howard, Colfax, IA, 50054.  For more information check out the FAQ's below or contact Dc. Joe at 515-674-3711.

Click here to download an Auto Tithing Application

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Freguently Aasked Questions

About Auto-tithing


1.  Are there any fees connected to auto-tithing?

            No.  There are no fees to either the church or the members.  There is a small transaction fee associated with each transaction, but First State Bank as generously agreed to absorb this fee since we are a church.

2.  How and when do I sign-up for auto-tithing?

            To sign-up, simply fill out one of the forms in the back of the church and return it to Deacon Joe.  You may either mail it (305 E Howard) or give it to Deacon or put it in the collection basket.  Forms turned in by May 15, will begin auto-tithing on the first Friday of June.  But forms can be turned in at any time after that.  It will take about a week to begin auto-tithing once the forms are in.  So forms turned in by Sunday will have a begin date of the next Friday.

3.  Do I have to attach a voided check or deposit slip to my application?

            No, you are not required to.  However, if you do, we know that we will have the correct numbers and there will be no delay in getting you auto-tithing started

4.  How and when do I stop auto-tithing if I decide I no longer want to participate.

            You can withdraw from auto-tithing at any time.  It will take about a week to stop so requests turned in by Sunday will be stopped by the next Friday.  To withdraw, simply turn in a signed request in writing to Deacon Joe by the same methods as mentioned above.  The request need only state, “I no longer wish to participate in auto-tithing.”

5.  Once I have signed up, can I change the amount of my auto-tithing?

            You can make a change at anytime.  Simply fill out a new form with the new amount on it and turn it into Deacon Joe by the same methods.  Again, it will take about a week to change the amount of your auto-tithe.

6.  Will you have access to all my money?

            Of course not.  Actually, while we do ask for your id number which we will be very careful with, the rest of the information on the form is on all of your checks.  So everyone you give a check to has this information.  It in no way gives us access to your money above the amount you agree to.

7.  Will I still receive envelopes?

            You will no longer receive the full package of envelopes which will be savings to the church.  However, you will be mailed envelopes for the special diocesan collections.

8.  Is there a minimum?

            No, there is no minimum on the amount you auto-tithe.  You may also choose to contribute once a month on the first Friday, or every Friday.

9.  Does it matter that I don’t bank at First State Bank of Colfax.

            No, auto-tithing will work with any account in any bank in the USA.

10.  What are the advantages to the church of auto-tithing?

            It will give us a more consistent income with less variation in contributions from week to week.  It will also save us the cost of the envelopes and it will  make accounting procedures easier as we will no longer need to make out deposits for these checks.

11.  What are the advantages to the members who use auto-tithing?

            No more scrambling to write a check on Sunday mornings.  No more trying to remember how many checks you have written this month.  No surprises as to the amount of your offering at the end of the year.  Everyone wins.